In a world filled with medical recommendations and precautions, it’s easy to become jaded about the need for various types of regular checkups, including eye and vision exams. But these evaluations not only ensure that you’re currently seeing as accurately as possible — they can also alert you to the presence of insidious diseases and disorders that could wreck your eyesight without prompt care. Our optometry clinic in Lancaster, Clifford Silverman, OD Optometry, can provide every member of your family with the comprehensive tests necessary to help you protect the precious gift of sight.

Why Eye Exams in Lancaster Matter

It’s one thing to recognize the need for eye and vision exams in Lancaster when you know you’re suffering from poor vision or an eye condition — but even if your eyesight seems fine, you still need to schedule regular comprehensive eye and vision testing. That’s because some of the worst eye diseases sneak up on you, doing years of irreversible damage before your vision starts to fade. The time to catch such sight-stealers as glaucoma, diabetic retinopathy, and macular degeneration is before they cause permanent vision loss.

Regular eye exams in Lancaster allow your optometrist at our clinic to detect them early enough to prescribe the most effective treatments, thus sparing your eyesight. Even in small children, periodic eye exams can help us catch functional problems that threaten visual development and coordination.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

Comprehensive eye tests in Lancaster encompass three major categories of your ocular well-being: health, function, and visual acuity. By dilating your pupils to see most of the retinas and all of the optic nerves in detail, we can observe the interior health of the eye and spot signs of disease. Slit lamp testing also allows your Lancaster optometrist to examine the front structures of the eye to observe corneal diseases, cataracts and other issues. A check of your eye pressure tells us whether you’re at risk for glaucoma. (Your optometrist will also evaluate your medical history and any vision symptoms you’ve noticed.)

Eye function testing can reveal problems with eye coordination, focus, accommodation (shifting focus from one distance to another), peripheral vision, color blindness, binocular vision (depth perception) and other issues. These problems can often be corrected through various forms of vision therapy.

Our vision exams in Lancaster can evaluate your eyesight at a range of specific distances, as simulated by the lines of an eye chart. If you’re struggling to read certain lines, we can try different correction levels until you’re seeing as close to 20/20 as possible. Your Lancaster optometrist can then prescribe any necessary corrective lenses based on these findings.

Contact Your Optometrist in Lancaster CA

An annual eye and vision exam is the best favor you can do for your eyes. Call 661-945-9883 today to schedule one from your optometrist in Lancaster CA!