Keeping your eyes healthy and addressing problems that occur at an early stage allows you to reduce concerns about long-term complications. At Clifford Silverman, OD Optometry, we offer the treatments and solutions you and your family need to control myopia and maintain the health of your eyes.

What is Myopia?

Myopia refers to nearsightedness that may impact your ability to see objects clearly at specific distances. Generally, you want to obtain nearsightedness treatments in Lancaster before you or a child’s vision worsens. While vision correction in Lancaster primarily relates to corrective lenses and related treatments, we offer different solutions to slow the progression of nearsightedness and encourage long-term health in your eyes.

Myopia Control in Lancaster

Myopia control in Lancaster is a process of treating nearsightedness before it worsens. While an optometry clinic cannot cure nearsightedness, it is possible to slow the progression of the condition and encourage healthy vision. An optometrist in focuses on addressing concerns with proper management and different control measures.

Generally, we recommend corrective lenses to help with nearsightedness and to control the changes in your eyes. We may suggest contact lenses or glasses based on your preferences and the health of your eyes. In some situations, we recommend orthokeratology, or the use of specialized contacts you wear at night, to correct your vision without corrective lenses during the day. While atropine eye drops may be appropriate in some situations, we recommend corrective lenses to limit the potential side effects and the possible complications associated with using medications.

Each individual has different challenges with their vision. In our clinic, we offer nearsightedness treatments in Lancaster that focus on helping improve your eye health and addressing complications with your vision.

Talking to an Optometrist in Lancaster About Myopia
An optometrist in Lancaster offers different treatment options after evaluating your eyes. As a general rule, you want to seek treatment for myopia when you notice challenges with your eyes. We may suggest different corrective solutions as your eyes change and develop over your lifetime. We pay particular attention to the needs of children and may suggest annual or bi-annual exams to ensure that children’s eyes remain healthy while they grow and develop. In adults, we usually focus on slowing the progression of nearsightedness through different corrective lenses and treatments.

Discuss your concerns during an annual exam. You may need additional exams and treatments if you have a risk of eye complications due to a medical condition or a medication you take for your health. We also recommend more regular exams for pregnant women or aging individuals who may see changes to their vision.

Keeping your eyes healthy requires a regular visit to an optometry clinic. By seeking proper treatment and controlling the changes to your eyes that cause nearsightedness, you slow the progression of the condition. To learn more about vision correction in Lancaster or to set up an appointment with an optometrist to discuss nearsightedness and your eyes, call (661) 945-9883 today.